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Our Story

Wild as Heck makes wild hats for wild people. 

All artwork is made by various women artists. We are proud to partner with women artists all across the world, and apply their artwork to a unique product. Check each listing to learn more about each artist. Artwork is hand applied using a proprietary method that took years to figure out. 

We started as hobbyists 8 + years ago hand painting hats, jackets, shoes, pottery, canvas...anything we could get our hands on. Selling one offs wasn't the right business model for us, and prohibitively expensive for both us and our potential customers. A few years ago, we started trying to figure out if there was an alternate method to get artwork onto hats, and why didn't it exist in the marketplace yet? Turns out, it didn't exist because it was really. damn. hard. to figure out. 

2+ years of work, sampling, inventing new methods, and we are proud to launch Wild As Heck. With artwork that is still hand applied. The difference now is that we are not hand painting each one which allows us to lower the cost. The added benefits: our artwork now is more durable than when we hand painted. It does not smudge, run, flake or transfer, and will last for the lifetime of your hat. 

Wild as Heck hats are 100% Australian wool. We chose to go with wool over a synthetic fiber because wool is a completely natural, sustainable, and biodegradable material. With all the work we put into our artwork and method, it was important to us that our quality was terrific. 

Our mission was to work with and build up women/womxn artists and bring something truly unique to the marketplace at an accessible price point. If your hat is properly cared for, it can last a lifetime.